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On my way

The Shed


The Shed is where lots of cool stuff happens. I make stuff, I play my guitars, I surf the web and look at... er... websites, as you do, music sites, tech sites and so on. We store a lot of stuff in here too.

The Dog

dog This is our dog named Bill. I use his image as my avatar on forums. He's a daschund or sausage dog if you like. He is about seven years old and loves nothing more than to chew my things! He's not a bad watchdog, he thinks he is a doberman with three inch legs! He loves the shed.

Computer Stuff

old computer

I have a bunch of machines ranging from an IBM 80486DX 50MHz 32MB RAM (pictured) running Puppy fat_free-2.16-Dillo to an Athlon X2 with 2GB RAM running MS Windows 7, Slackware-current and various other installs. My main machines though are an IBM Thinkpad R51 Pentiu-M 1400MHz 512MB ram running Slackware-14.0 and Puppy Slacko 5.5 and a home made job with a Asus K7S-8X mobo, Athlon 2100+, 512MB DDR ram running Mageia 3, Slacko Puppy 5.5, Ubuntu 12.04 and XP. Any Puppy development work I do or test is with the R51 or the Athlon X2. If I need to compile anything I use the Athlon, it is a fast machine, although I could do with some more RAM.



These are my guitars. I have two and I love to play rock and blues. AC/DC are one of my favourites along with The Angels and new Aussie rock sensations Airbourne.

I write alot of my own stuff too. Some rock oriented, some bluesey tunes, and some softer stuff too. It is very relaxing to grab my guitar and just play anything. Often I will record while I'm just mucking about.

I've recorded quite a bit of stuff, none pro of course, just in the shed with my mates. Below are some video and sound clips that have survived over the years.

Here's a video with the band Chromosome6, Who Is It?; Goran - rhythm guitar & vocals; Chris - bass guitar; Neil - drums; Mick - lead guitar.

Get Your Hair Cut is a sound clip, recorded in 2006 with my good mate Phill. It was a garage band we had going for a number of years just for our own entertainment. Throughout, Phill (drums) and myself persisted. We had several people over time in and out on bass, vocals and guitars including Brad, Chris, Kim and others. It was our fun Saturday thing with a few beers and a few (hundred) watts!